Sunday, 12 January 2014

First Post!

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Hi, I am Ashleigh and this is my first day using this. I will try and keep it updated as much as I can, which I probably will. I am 16 years old (17 in two months), I live in willenhall, which is a shit hole, and I am Studying Art & Design at City Of Wolverhampton College. Within my course I do Digital Print, Digital Illustration, Photography and Visual Studies. I love what I do at college and most of my Blog will probably be mostly my art work and my projects at college and if you like art you will love visiting my Blog :') I will post all sorts of stuff on here, mainly things I love, such as Clothes, Make-up, Piercings, Disney, Magical stuff, Hair, Nails, Animals and lots more. Also, I will be telling you all what is going on with my life at the moment in time and all of my thoughts and feelings. I am a very outgoing, talkative, weird and wonderful person ;) but I can also be very negative about things too just like anyone else. I hope you enjoy and I will post as much as I can. Here's my first photo post!

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