Thursday, 16 January 2014

Lazy day!

Well I've had a busy day today.. NOT. I've sat in all day and watched my favourite tv show ever.. Catfish! :) and also been drawing all day and annotating in my sketchbooks for college. Quite fun really as I enjoy doing the work. Took me ages though! I haven't even bothered to get dressed today either I've just been sat in my pyjama bottoms and a hoodie all day so I've been really comfy and snuggled up :p
Now I am in bed about to read some of these. I love fashion magazines because I love all of the models in there with their crazy style... I love the style. If only I could pull it off, and that brings me on to losing weight. All my life I have hated my body and the way I look so it's now time to do something about it. I want to look good, I want to be happy, I want to look good in almost every type of clothing and I can't do that, and these magazines REALLY motivate me because of the clothes and the models and their are also lots of articles about losing weight and being thin so I think it's time. I've just thrown all my chocolate and all that rubbish food away and I'm now motivated to just drink plenty of water with healthy food and do more exercise each day such as sit ups, squats, etc.. I'm also going to be signing up for gym soon if I can find one near me. I really want the body I've always dreamed of and I KNOW I will get the body I've always dreamed of one day and then I can prove all the people wrong who have ever taken the piss out of the way I look. Wish me luck guys :D

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