Monday, 12 January 2015

My first MAC purchases!

I have wanted to wear MAC make up for a very long time but I never really had the money to wear such expensive make up but now I have a job I thought I would treat myself and start wearing it. I didn't think much of it until I went shopping up Birmingham and decided to go into Selfridges to the MAC stall and try it out. I also love it because it's such a good quality brand and that's what I need. I haven't brought much at the minute but I know my collection will get bigger soon!

I am not very good with choosing the right colour for me so the reason I tried it out first was so I didn't spend £20 on the wrong one. This was the one that the woman tested on me and I am quite pale so that's why I have to have such a light powder. This cost me £20 and it is the studio fix foundation powder. 

My first ever MAC lipstick. I cannot wait to order more lipsticks!!!! I absolutely love this one, I love dark shades of pink so I got this one, this cost me £15 from the website and it is the Craving colour. My next lipstick that I get will probably be a baby pink. So excited to purchase more make up from MAC :) 

Ashleigh x


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