Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My daily make up routine and the products I use

       I've decided to do a blog post on my daily make up routine and the products I use for it. As you can see, I actually don't use a lot and I don't even use that many expensive products. The majority of what I use is very cheap, especially my foundation. I have started to buy expensive products (MAC) and I look to buy SO much more, such as benefit cosmetics, more MAC products, Urban Decay, Lime Crime, etc... but for now, as I only work weekends at Wetherspoons, I will only be buying new make up products when I actually need to, because to be honest, I am 17 therefore my pay rate is quite low, and I have other things to spend my money on such as things for my college work (sketchbooks, pencils, etc). Considering the products I use for my face are quite cheap, I am quite happy with the outcome at the end of applying it all. I am looking to buy the MAC studio fluid next and also some prep and prime things from MAC because I have heard they are prettyyyyyyy good. I only have 2 MAC lipsticks at the moment (I know, lame) but they are so expensive! I love them though, and my collection of lipsticks will only get bigger. In the photo, is what I use for my DAILY ROUTINE, however, if im honest, I don't actually have thaft much more make up, just a few more bronzers, mascaras and more of the same foundation. When I'm rich in the future and have my own house, that is when I will have a huge dressing table full of boxes and drawers of make up.

So what products do I use for my daily make up routine?
Foundation from Avon in Ivory Beige
MAC Studio Fix Powder in NW15
Mascara from Avon
MAC Lipstick in Shy Girl
MAC brown eyebrow pencil
Avon true colour mocha latte palette (I always use the darkest colour)
Liquid eye liner from Superdrug
Medium bronze blusher from Avon
I'm not sure where the brushes are from but I use the big one to apply bronzer, the less bigger one to apply my eye shadow as it smoothens it out at the top and I use the smallest one for the fading of my eyebrows at the ends.
(I don't use the pink MAC blush very often as I prefer bronzer)

So in what order do I apply my make up?
1. Foundation all over
2. Studio Fix powder all over
3. Mascara on top and bottom lashes
4. Eyebrows
5. Eyeshadow
6. Eyeliner
7. Blusher
(Tbh, it doesn't even take me that long to do it all, only about half an hour)

I hope you enjoyed my post, whoever has read it!

Ashleigh x


  1. hey! please could you do a tutorial on how you fill your eyebrows? they're amazing!!my eyebrows are so hard to fill because and benefit, they wax mine quite odd and leave a few hairs at the start of the eyebrow so i cant fill them in like everyone else :( but would be amazing if you could do a blog post on that! xo ;)

  2. sure hunny! keep a look out for my post on it xx

  3. love the shade of that lipstick! so pretty!
    following you on bloglovin', hope you'll look for me too. see you around!

    a possible fantasy


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