Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The start to my healthy lifestyle

So I decided to change my life around and start eating healthy because I felt crappy about myself and to be honest, reading a lot of lifestyle blogs, Instagrams and watching Youtube videos about healthy eating really got me into it as well.

Breakfast Idea 1: PG Tips - Green Tea (I only ever have PG, even with normal tea, I am very picky with tea bags), wholemeal bread toasted, peanut butter and sliced banana's on top. DELICIOUS breakfast idea and I recommend anyone to try it. By the way, this is the first time I have tried peanut butter, and now I know what the fuss is all about, I LOVE IT!

Ignore the chicken in the background haha! More healthy things added to my house to have with meals;
Kiwi's - to have as a snack or to have as a smoothie mixed with other fruits
Strawberries - to just have as a snack or maybe on toast with some honey or peanut butter? or to have as a smoothie mixed with other fruits
Blackberries - to have as a snack or to have as a smoothie mixed with other fruits
Onken Vanilla Fat Free Yoghurts - to have as a snack or with granola for breakfast or on fruit
Coconut Water - I hope it's nice because I haven't tried it yet! But I won't know if I like it or not if I don't try it!
Pancakes - to have with peanut butter and banana slices for breakfast
Innocent Apple and Raspberry Juice - I can't get enough of these at the moment, obsessed!

Dinner Idea 1: Chinese style stir fry with noodles and beef in black bean sauce. This is delicious and I can't wait to have it again.

Lunch Idea 1: Some chicken bites (1 pack), Chicken and Bacon Caesar Pasta Salad or BBQ Chicken Pasta Salad and an Apple and Raspberry Innocent Juice. They might not be extremely healthy but to me, they are so much better than having things such as sandwiches, chocolate, crisps and pop. 

Breakfast idea 2; Special K granola with onken yoghurt. YUMMY! This is delicious.

Lunch idea 2: brown pasta with bacon and chicken bits and BBQ sauce. 

I am looking to lose some weight, but from eating healthy, not dieting. Diets never work with me, I think it is better to eat healthy and eat as much as you like instead of limiting yourself to certain foods and following a 'plan'. I always feel hungry when I diet and try and limit myself but with eating healthy, I can eat all these things and feel full. I have stopped craving foods such as chocolates, biscuits, crisps, chinese, cakes, etc... and I feel SO good about myself. I have never felt so healthy in my life and I hope I stick to it and can lose some weight as I am sick of feeling fat and unhealthy. I have always been quite big, and never stuck to dieting or anything, but I know that if I stick to doing this (I know I will, because the food is so delicious), I will shed the pounds fast. Obviously not everything I have posted is extremely healthy like the peanut butter BUT it's good to have a little something that's "fatty" within the healthy eating process, because of course, you need sugar as well as healthy things. I will get down to a size 10/12 some day, I know it will take time, but it will all be worth it in the end. 

If anyone has any tips to give me or any delicious meals or foods to recommend then feel free to comment on this please, I would appreciate it!

Ashleigh x 


  1. sometimes it's really fun :-) I found it really hard as I know I can't stick to a diet, I'm the worst person ever but I've just changed little things like having soya milk instead of normal milk, cutting out bread and doing more walking :-) it's great! hope you see the results you want! xx

    1. thanks hunny, I think I will get some soya milk next then! and I might cut out bread or just stick to wholemeal bread as they are only small slices. thankyou xxx


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