Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Valentines Day!

Well, this valentines was my first one spent with my boyfriend, and my first one spent with ANYONE. And, it was perfect and there will be plenty more to come for me and Nathan! I had to work on valentines but I finished at 6 so I guess it was ok as we still had some time to spend together on the night. It was really sweet because I was downstairs having a cup of tea with his nan when I had finished work and he ran downstairs saying "Ash come upstairs quick!!" and I was confused and asked why and he was going "JUST HURRY UP!" I was like ok ok im coming! and he told me to close my eyes and I went upstairs to find the words "I Love You" spelt out on his bed using candles. I could have cried, and around it there was my card, a rose, a little bottle of wine, some Lindor chocolates (my favourite), a teddy and a cushion that he had made, with a photo of me and him on. It was a good job his bed didn't set on fire though! haha. I loved it and I can't imagine my life without him. Anyway, later on we went for a meal at an Indian restaurant which was very, very, very nice but so filling! I can't wait to go again though, it was lovely. Its nice to think that my first valentines was made special and I can't wait for mine and Nathan's future together and all the other surprises he has in mind for me.


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