Friday, 25 September 2015

Living in Northampton

Well, I moved here about a week ago for University, I live about an hour away, and I am so happy I chose to live in Northampton. As soon as I came here for the University of Northampton open day about a year ago, I knew this was the area I wanted to live in. They have everything in the town, and where I lived, I didn't even have a LUSH shop! I thought I would share with you all parts of the town and where I will be living for the next few years, I may even stay down here when University is over, who knows.

I am very happy that I live right by a theatre and a museum, I am a big fan of both of these so I do not have to travel very far to visit them. When I lived in Wolverhampton, I had to catch buses, now I can just walk 5 minutes up the road.

I have noticed that Northampton has such beautiful architecture too, it is so different and so much better compared to where I used to live. I also know that Northampton is famous for its shoe industry, I am yet to visit the museum which shows and tells us all about it, so I do not have a lot of information about it, but i will more than likely do a whole blog post about how Northampton is famous for shoes so keep a look out for it!

Below are photographs me and my friend Issy took from a little Art shop where you can buy things for your wall, so I think I will be paying another visit to this to buy something for my room!

Below are some photographs from a tiny Art Gallery which we visited. It was a very, very small art gallery but it was very unique and cute, it was nice to see a different style of art.

The town is lovely, and I am so happy to call this place home. I have been for a meal with my family, and also my mum is coming down the weekend so we are going to go for something to eat then, I still have a lot more exploring to do around the town! I have done some food shopping in Morrisons and I have also been clothes shopping in the Grosvenor centre, it feels so nice to have moved away from home and living in a new place with new people. I cannot wait for what the next few years bring.

Ashleigh x


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