Wednesday, 14 October 2015

My First Ever YouTube Video

So last night I filmed my first ever YouTube video. It was really hard to do if I am honest as I have never been in front of a camera properly before, so I was really nervous, as you can probably see... lol. There was a lot of 'erms' and deep breaths cut out! I found it quite hard on what to actually talk about in my first video so I kind of improvised throughout the whole thing. Who thought it would be so hard just to talk to a camera? I am quite proud of myself actually, in being able to do this, as I really had to build myself up for it, and by doing this, I know it will build my confidence up so much and it will also make me feel better about myself, and that is what I want to gain from it most of all.

I haven't actually got my own camera and things to film at the moment, my friend said I can use hers for the time being until I get my own things to film at Christmas time, which is really kind of her. Her name is Sandra Ajewole - CHECK OUT HER YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

I am so happy to finally be involved with YouTube as it is something I have wanted to do for such a long time, I just wish I was apart of it when I went to Spain for two months, when I worked in Italy and also my change in bright hair colours. I feel like you guys would have enjoyed me sharing my life throughout vlogging during those times, but I have lots of things to talk about and I cant wait to share my journey through life with you all!

Oh.. and don't forget to Subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Here is the link to my first video -

Ashleigh x 

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