Friday, 9 October 2015

My first tattoo

Well, I never did a blog post about this. I got my first tattoo in March a few days after I had turned 18, and it is still the only one I have but I was quite proud of myself for having a pretty big tattoo for my first one, I don't really like small, simple tattoos, they aren't my thing, so I just went for it.

This tattoo is on my forearm, and I still love it to this day, it doesn't really mean anything to me I just really liked it. It took me a while to decide what I wanted and where I wanted it but I am happy I chose this and I do not regret it one bit.

People ask me 'did it hurt?' it didn't hurt me as much as I thought it did but people experience pain differently, I quite liked it and I was pretty happy sitting there throughout the whole 2 and a half hours. It also depends where you have your tattoo's, For example, I am guessing that your sternum or your ribs would hurt, but I would still go for it. I am booked in for one in a few weeks to add onto this and then Christmas time, I am booked in for having the whole part of my top arm done. I am having a full sleeve on the same arm, and I am so excited to finally get it in progress! I also plan on having my back done and my legs done too, but that wont be for a good while yet haha!

Ashleigh x

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