Friday, 13 November 2015

Favourite Drugstore Make Up

Drug store make up is my favourite... I am someone who LOVES cheap things. I will always be on the hunt for something cheap which fills my needs. If I could afford to buy expensive make up all the time, I would, but at the minute, I am a student, and the only time I will be able to afford the NAKED palette is probably Christmas time, lol! I don't see the point in me buying anything expensive at the moment when I am perfectly happy with my day to day cheap drug store make up routine. So... I am going to share with you my FAVOURITE drug store make up essentials at the moment, and what I wear on my face every day without fail. 

L'oreal 24 Hour Matte foundation
I love this foundation. Before this I had been using the Colour Trend foundation out of AVON in Ivory Beige but I thought it was time for a change. I found it was way too much of an oily foundation, and my skin is quite oily too, so it didn't really make a good combination, and I had also got bored of it too as I had been wearing the same foundation for about 3 years. I had tried a few new foundations but none of them really impressed me, but this one is amazing. I had watched a few YouTube videos on drug store make up and this one always had good reviews so I decided to try it out and I am so happy that I bought it. It definitely does what it says and I love how it dries up quite quickly too, it is not oily at all and it is perfect for my skin. So I would recommend this foundation to anyone who has oily skin. It is not expensive at all, I can't remember the price but it lasts for ages as well.

Highlighter by COLLECTION
This is the first highlighter I ever bought, and I was really nervous about trying it, but it was only about £3 so I couldn't complain but oh my god... what a great purchase! I love this highlighter stick, and it lasts for SO long. It is a lovely peach/silvery colour and it looks so nice when it is on. I actually got recommended this by the woman who works on beauty in Superdrug, and I am so glad she did. 

Maxfactor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Volume Mascara
I actually got a really good deal with Maxfactor when I was considering buying from them where you buy one and get the other half price so I bought a couple of things from them. This one is really good and I have always had trouble when finding one that I have actually stuck with, I tend to just buy random ones after the other one runs out and I just pick up any that I see, but I have never found one that has done it for me, but this one definitely has. It lasts for ages on your eyes and it is sort of waterproof which I like. I hate non waterproof mascara's. Also, it does give your eyelashes volume too. THIS IS THE MASCARA FOR ME! 

Maxfactor Bronzing Powder
I have never been one to be bothered about bronzing powders, as long as I have a bit of colour in my cheeks, that is all I am bothered about. This is a great powder and I only use a bit of it, its a nice colour with a bit of glitter added to it, which works really well with my highlighter too. I love this and it has lasted me such a long time and I think this is the bronzer I am going to use for a long while.

Maxfactor waterproof eyeliner
This eye liner is a m a z i n g !!!!!! I can't express the word enough. I was recommended this by the woman at the stand and I have never trusted them, but this one really does it for me. Apart from the Kat Von D eye liner that I want to try, this is the one for me, and it's one of the best make up purchases I have ever made. It is waterproof too, which is a bonus, no smudges or anything! 

RIMMEL Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder
Before this, I used to use MAC studio fix powder but it cost me like £20 and I decided that I just couldn't afford to keep paying so much for a face powder which wasn't lasting me as long as I wanted it to for the money I was paying (I LOVE face powder, I use it constantly to top up on my make up throughout the day). So, I decided I wanted something new, I tried a lot of different powders but some of them were coming up darker than my face and I am quite pale so it wasn't a good look for me lol. The worst powder I tried for my face was from Maxfactor and it was terrible, It wasn't a good colour for my face and it was the lightest one they had too. Then I got recommended to try this one by a friend, and I love it, Its only £4 and its well worth the money. It has a great texture and it looks great on. I am going to be sticking to this one for a while.

There is also more make up which I haven't mentioned, because they are not photograph material at the moment because I need to re-stock and they have been used loads! I use them every day and are my favourites so I will list them here:
  • I use a £1 eyebrow pencil from Superdrug, from MUA.
  • I use In The Buff eye shadow palette, which is basically exactly the same as one of the NAKED palettes, but for like £5 and I am not joking, it is exactly the same, I love it. 
  • I apply just a normal black pencil eye liner on my water line.

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