Tuesday, 3 May 2016


So me and my friend went to Paris for 3 nights. We have just finished our first year of university and we just have one exam to do, so we thought we would finish our first year by going on a break to Paris. 

Our flight was at 6:00am so we had to leave around 3:30am to get to Luton Airport on time. Everything was fine, we went through security and baggage completely fine and the flight was great and it only took about 45 minutes. 

We hadn't organised travel from the airport to the hotel so we sat down with a McDonalds after our flight and figured out what to do and we knew we had to get the train and then the metro, it was a pretty easy route. We went to get our train tickets and someone told us it was cheaper and easier for us to get an unlimited pass for 26 euros which you could use on all the metros, trains and buses so we knew that this was going to be really useful for us and we saved a lot of money by getting it. However, we needed a photograph for the pass so we had to go to a photo booth but they told us that we could only use 1 euro coins so we had to get some change but NO ONE would give us any change and all of the change machines were broken. About an hour later we finally got change but then we were in the queue for the photo booth for about 45 minutes. It took ages and when it was finally our turn to get our photographs done, it turns out we could use notes for it, so basically we were stressing about getting some change when we could have used notes in the first place. 

Once we had got our passes sorted we finally made our way to the hotel. The underground was very easy to use as it was just the same as using the ones in London. Also, if we hadn't have had the trouble with the photograph situation, we would have gotten to the hotel a lot earlier than we did. It also didn't help that we had lots of bags to carry and that we were doing all of this on 3 hours sleep.

We were so happy to finally get to the hotel and the receptionist was also lovely and very helpful in showing and telling us where places were in the area and what metro stations were the best to use to get to places such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.

The hotel room was amazing and the fact we had a balcony to smoke on made us very happy. The room was very clean and modern and we also had a SAMSUNG television. We paid about £180 for the room each and that was also for the upgraded room as it was the only one left available. It was definitely worth the money and I think we will 100% go back to this hotel at some point.

We didn't do much once we had got to the hotel, we unpacked and we went out to get a Subway as we hadn't eaten for about 9 hours and we had a look around the area and it was such a lovely area. There were plenty of shops and restaurants. We were exhausted as we had had such a long stressful day so we just wanted to chill and have an early night for the next day as we had a lot planned. We went to sleep about 6pm, that is how tired we were! I mean, who goes to sleep at 6pm?!

If you want to see our first day in action, watch my vlog here


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