Sunday, 12 June 2016

A weekend in London

Me and my dad went away for the weekend in London to go to see a concert at the Olympic Stadium - ACDC. It was great however it was such a shame that the lead singer couldn't perform so Axl Rose had to take his place, but he did a great job anyway.

They weren't coming on till 8:15pm so we got to London early to do a bit of Shopping which is a lie because I did a LOT of shopping and I'm pretty sure my dad hates me for dragging him around all the make up and clothes shops. I spent a lot of money in Primark and I decided to go to Kate Spade to buy myself a purse. It was definitely expensive but I had passed my first year of University and it is the most money I've ever earned from being at my new job and I've been working very hard so I wanted to buy myself something nice. It was also the first designer accessory I've ever owned and it's SO beautiful as well. I didn't want to get just a plain black one or anything because of them being expensive and I love being colourful so this was the perfect one for me, especially because I don't really own anything blue either.
London is like a completely different place to be compared to where I live and I think it is where I want to go for my placement year at University. I love it there and because I do Fashion Marketing at University it would be the perfect place for me to go. I just need to start looking now! 

Honestly I was in my element walking past all these designer shops thinking to myself 'I wonder if I will own anything from Dior and Louis Vuitton one day?' LOL I was dreaming way too much.

Me and my dad was walking round for HOURS trying to find Selfridges! Obviously Oxford St is so big and busy it was like never ending to us and it was so hard to find the places which we wanted to go the most lol. Our feet were absolutely killing us at the end of the day. 

 After we had done our shopping we made our way to the hotel, and oh my god, The area was terrible, lol. Not somewhere me and my dad was happy to be in, however, the hotel was fantastic. It was beautiful and we were so shocked that it was in the area that it was in. You would have expected it to be in Central London (which is where we wasn't staying unfortunately) but we were only there for one night so it was okay. Also, we had booked a twin room but they called my dad and told him that the guy in the room we had booked wanted to stay on longer so they moved us to a family room; a kitchen, bathroom and two double beds! We didn't have to pay extra so we was chuffed. It was an Irish guesthouse that we stayed in and the service was great too. There was a pub linked to it and also a restaurant so we went to the pub on the night for a drink and also had something to eat because we hadn't eaten all day and we were starving. 

We left for the concert around 6:30pm after we had had something to eat, got ready and unpacked our stuff at the hotel. We was only one TFL ride away from the stadium so it didn't take us long to get there at all. We went for a few drinks and we got to the concert around 8:00pm, (we didn't go to the support act) just in time for us to find a standing spot until they came on. 

The concert was brilliant, as I said at the start it was such a shame that the lead singer had to be replaced due to him not being well and it was my first time seeing them but Axl Rose did a great job and I had so much fun. 

 With our hotel booking we got a breakfast voucher and it was an Irish breakfast with bacon, toast, sausage, eggs, hash browns, etc. It was the best breakfast I have EVER had, it was so tasty. After our breakfast we went back to the room to grab our stuff and we made our way home. 

Before we got on the train I did a bit of shopping (again) where I went to the body shop and bought some shower gel and some magazines for the train and me and my dad went to Starbucks because we wanted to try out the new drinks (Banana Caramel and Cookie Dough) and I can't really give the best review on these I'm afraid. We both regretted buying large ones, they are WAY too sweet and sickly. I wish they were less sweeter because they probably would be a lot nicer then. But I won't be having any of these drinks again.

We then got on the train and whilst my dad was sleeping, I read my VOGUE magazine. It was a very busy and tiring weekend but it was great and me and my dad don't do things together very often so it was nice for us to finally get the chance to do something together. 


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