Thursday, 15 September 2016

Jeffree Star Skin Frost Review | #LAVENDERSNOW

I have been a massive fan of Jeffree Star for quite a while, I love his videos and it drives me mad that people have actually been throwing away his products because of what happened between him and Kat Von D. He hasn't done anything to you? Plus there are two sides to every story and you will never know the full truth unless you were there yourself and saw it with your own eyes. Also, his products are AMAZING and for people to throw them away just because of something that's happened is ridiculous. The products haven't caused any problems have they? no. You loved them before all of this happened. Rant over.

I was SO excited when Jeffree brought out his highlighters. I didn't have a lot of money at the time so I wasn't able to purchase any when he first bought them out but when he bought out his 4 new ones after the first 4, I knew I had to get one. Purple is my favourite colour and I just HAD to purchase Lavender Snow. When it came I was like the most happiest person in the world and the pigment is insane. I think you have to be careful with the amount you put on because it can look a bit too much but if you love to glow for the gods then this is definitely the highlighter for you.

It is priced at $29 which is AMAZING. I am from England so I had to pay for international shipping which actually worked out at £36 altogether. However, I had to pay custom fees as well which is so annoying but If you really want a product then you have to deal with it. It was totally worth it because this is honestly one of the best products I have ever bought. It is huge and the fact it comes with a mirror as well is pretty great. The pan holds 15 grams of product which is like... out of this world lol. You couldn't ask for anything better especially for the price too!!

I also love how he has kept his style within the products. He loves pink so of course his packaging is going to be pink (can we please take a minute to appreciate the packaging). He LOVES to glow so obviously he is going to create highlighters which have such a great pigmentation. I am just so impressed with his products, I think they are well worth it.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone and I am so excited to purchase some more of the Skin Frost collection from him. I can assure you this product will last you until forever because there is just so much of it!

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